#ThinkHand: ECTRIMS Blog Survey

Thank you for all your help in completing our #ThinkHand survey. #ThinkHand #ECTRIMS2016 #MSBlog

“We were inundated with praise for our ECTRIMS #ThinkHand poster; thank you! One neurologist said to me that it was her best poster at ECTRIMS. As the poster was about hand function we made it ‘by hand ‘out of ‘recycled cardboard‘. The ideas behind the poster was a group effort, but credit for the design and creative elements of the poster need to go to Alison, the designer in our group.”

DrM&M in front of our poster; please note the helium balloons! 

“The use of large helium balloons above the poster in the presentation hall was not appreciated by all. One Pharma representative complained that the balloons were breaking the ECTRIMS rules in that the posters were meant to be scientific and not gimmicky. I did point out to him that the balloons represented data and read-out the main conclusion of our study; i.e that 95% of MSers want wheelchair users to be included in clinical trials. Humbug!”

“The following slide show represents the main data elements presented on our poster.”

“Thank you to all our blog readers and UK neurologists for kindly completing the two surveys that were presented on this poster. “

CoI: Design, testing and manufacturing of the cardboard 9-HPT and the running of our #ThinkHand stand at ECTRIMS was kindly funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Biogen, UK. 

7 thoughts on “#ThinkHand: ECTRIMS Blog Survey”

    1. The posters were 5 meters below the level of the trade bays and you have to walk down stairs to the posters. The balloons were eye-catching to anyone entering the poster arena, even though the poster was at the back of the hall. It poses the question is what does the 95% mean…It also gives the answer…the proportion of people that do not think that people in wheelchairs should be excluded from clinical trials.

  1. Slide 2 just above the colourful hands shows N=350. The N is not on a dark background. Are you able to remove these dark overlays? This might make the slides lighter and readable. I'm guessing the overlays have the EDSS graph and pie charts.

  2. See MD, one of the reasons am so fond of you folks at BARTS is you think outside the box while still needing to be inside the box. This is just one simple example of that. A poster. But what it represents is just ENORMOUS.You all make both remarkable and tangible results occur for pwMS. I am not sure what the magic is but its clearly within your group. Brain Health Matters is another example of this. A handful of people thinking and making it actionable changing the lives of pwMS and clinical mindsets.I guess its kind of like injecting a DMT into the clinical – research systems and mindsets.You all never cease to amaze me, a few individuals who impact a globe. It keeps us inspired.

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