NeuroSpeak: HSCT in the UK

Is HSCT as a treatment for MS becoming mainstream in the UK? #NeuroSpeak #ClinicSpeak #MSBlog

“The following meeting may be of interest to UK MSologists and pwMS. At least the UK MS community is taking HSCT seriously. With the plummeting mortality related to HSCT maybe it will become routine in many centres? It is looking safer; is it as safe as alemtuzumab treatment? We know already that it is cheaper. I can’t see why the NHS won’t fund a study to answer the question once and all; what is more effective and cost-effective HSCT or alemtuzumab?”

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  1. I think there should be a wider discussion in this meeting about treating those with the more extremes forms of MS – such as PPMS. I have read much of the literature and remain convinced that there is a consensus that there is no impact on PPMS patients.You have made much on this site – and rightly so – about upper limb function impacts of certain drugs on progressive MS. But there does not seem to have been the published detailed data on progressive MS outcomes from HSCT. Would someone undergo this treatment if the chance of progression was reduced by 50%? I think so, yes. Until there is a hard trial done on PPMS I am sure that many of those with this form of the disease will just try their luck in Russia or Mexico.

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