#ClinicSpeak: weekend warrior survey results

How is your self-loathing and guilt? #ClinicSpeak #BrainHealth #WeekendWarrior

The following are the headline results of last week’s survey. I am impressed; those who responded are more active than I expected.  

9 thoughts on “#ClinicSpeak: weekend warrior survey results”

  1. I guess the clue is in the 'those who responded' ;-)And well done to the honest couch potatoes, admitting where you are now is the first stage of the journey. CPA meeting anyone?

  2. Apologies for raising this question here, but is there an MS patient forum in Westminster this year?Tony

  3. I would have added myself as Active, but do not have a Google account – so you could add one more response if you wish. Tend to agree with Judy, above, those who responded are probably the more active people! But it shows that people take their Brain Health seriously and exercise when possible.

  4. I don't think the survey shows much at all, unfortunately. Only 46 responses, most likely filtered by having a Google account, and probably biased in terms of attitude to exercise and level of disability.

  5. Google account (now) not needed – thanks GavinHats off to the blue responders – EDSS scores?Us greenies just want to brag!

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