#NeuroSpeak: high-quality care for improved patient outcomes

CME for neurologists who want to improve their patients’ outcomes. #NeuroSpeak #MSBlog

As promised to attendees at the Excemed meeting the following are my presentations:

The therapeutic contract:

Treating highly-active MS:

The programme:

One thought on “#NeuroSpeak: high-quality care for improved patient outcomes”

  1. Prof G, beautifully done and very informative presentations – I particularly like "at a glance" slides of side efects with different treatments.One little question, though… can we consider PIRT therapies front loaded risk ( I am thinking of alemtuzumab specifically), if the white cell counts change for years after treatment. Would we see more opportunistic infections with time when patient numbers exposed to the treatment go up? (I do not know what the current statistics are, but I guess alemtuzumab is nowhere near the patientyears of natalizumab exposure)

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