#NewsSpeak: do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to make a difference to world of MS? #NewsSpeak #OffLabel

One of our long running campaigns has been trying to promote access to treatments for pwMS in resource poor environments. For the last 2 years we have been promoting an Essential #OffLabel list of DMTs for resource poor settings. The MS International Federation (MSIF), who represents MS Societies from all over the world, are helping us with this campaign, for example they gave me a platform at their annual CEOs meeting last year to present our campaign.  

The MSIF are now trying to recruit a Head of Research and Access who will lead on the search for improved understanding and treatments for MS and better access to treatments and healthcare. This is global role. So if you are passionate about research, care deeply about MS and feel you have the skills then this may be the job for you. On the plus side it is based in central London; probably the most skilled-up, creative and dynamic city in the world. 

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  1. 45000 50000£ a year who is paying this?I thought ( naively) that a .org was originally intended for non-profit entities, So ms societies are run by Ceo's what are their goal? Earn 1 maybe 2 million ?

    1. The right uper button in ms society says donate Where its that money going? For the 1 million a year "ceo´s" This all make no sense

    2. Luis, charities report to the regulatory body yearly about their finances etc. If you know any accountants or lawyers you will be able to ask them to search for these filed accounting reports, which should contain information about the ceo's salary.if my memory serves me right, i think the ceo of MSRA in Aus received about $150k or so in reported wages. It's not a huge figure for a CEO – there is way worse. It'd be interesting to find out what the UK counterparts get paid 😉

  2. "with the goal of improving the lives of people living with this disease.""A blog for people affected by multiple slerosis"Also a blog for JOB OFFERS……

  3. Re: "The MSIF are now trying to recruit a Head of Research and Access who will lead on the search for improved understanding and treatments for MS…" There are already 15 drugs approved to treat MS. Why is there a need for more? This is becoming comical in the way money is spent on redundant therapies that are based on a mouse model that does not accurately depict the pathology of the disease. Very tiresome….

    1. lol no i don't think this head of research and access will be looking for new meds.i think the head of research and access will be looking for ways to better understand existing meds.as they don't really know how any of the meds work, your point is correct but they do need a head of research and access lol

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