#ThinkHand: can we afford to ignore the importance of hand function to pwMS?

Our #ThinkHand campaign may yet prove useful in making the case for using ocrelizumab to treat PPMS

You may remember our ECTRIMS 2016 #ThinkHand campaign and our handmade cardboard poster, helium balloons and T-shirts.

DrM&M in front of our poster; please note the helium balloons! 

What is important is the results of the survey that clearly shows how important hand function is for people with MS. The campaign was triggered by the results of the ASCEND, or natalizumab in SPMS, trial results and now the ORATORIO, ocrelizumab in PPMS, trial results. However, the literature is strewn with results showing DMTs work better on upper limb compared to lower limb function. It is therefore important to get the message across to regulators and the wider community so that they will invest in trials in people with more advanced MS, including wheelchair users, with the primary outcome being the 9-HPT.


The #ThinkHand campaign has become very relevant in relation to our latest campaign to make sure pwPPMS get access to ocrelizumab and to make the case for funding a trial in more advanced MS. 

If you agree with our latest campaign can you please complete the survey below. Thank you.

CoI: multiple. Design, testing and manufacturing of the cardboard 9-HPT and the running of our #ThinkHand stand at ECTRIMS was kindly funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Biogen, UK.

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