#CharitySpeak: standing on the start line – 2017

When being able to finish, reminds you how lucky you are, it is time to give! #CharitySpeak 

Knackered but home in one piece. I managed get around the London 10 km course with a minor limp. As I was suffering in the heat I kept reminding myself of the fact that several of my patients who kindly sponsored me to do this run will never be able to run or even walk 10 km. I was hanging in there for you; thank you for being so generous. 

If you have been helped by the MS Trust and use this blog on a regular basis I would appreciate it if you could donate a small amount. The MS Trust like most charities is have an increasing hard time staying afloat in a time of harsh austerity. I personally could not imagine seeing someone in my MS clinic and not being able to refer them to the MS Trust website for information. The MS Trust produces by far the best evidence-based information for pwMS and are responsible for training several generations of MS clinical nurse specialists. For me a world without the MS Trust is simply inconceivable. 

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “#CharitySpeak: standing on the start line – 2017”

  1. Well done profG! You now have to start training for next year's race. This was not your last one!

    1. Yes! I might just do a wheelchair race to see how it feels. Sam our education administrator also finished (1:20). I managed to complete in 51 mins.

    2. Well done ProfG! You probably won't see this late reply but just for the record I'm really proud of my 10k PB 50 mins in happy pre MS running days 🙂 You're right though I couldn't walk much of it now! Thanks so much for putting yourself through this for us all.

  2. My friend finished this same race yesterday…not an MS patient, but as a Lymphoma survivor, which was partially due to Ofatumumab.YAY to all the finishers.

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