#NewsSpeak: an eagle has just landed in Oz

People living with PPMS in Australia have something to cheer about. #NewsSpeak #MSBlog

I just received an email from a pwMS about the good news down-under (see press release below). Let’s hope the EMA & NICE have provide similar cheer for people living with PPMS in Europe and England, respectively. I wonder if other HTAs accepting the results of the ocrelizumab in PPMS trial (ORATORIO) and licensing ocrelizumab for PPMS, puts pressure on the EMA? I suspect not. To help, please have your say and complete the survey below. Thank you. 

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2 thoughts on “#NewsSpeak: an eagle has just landed in Oz”

  1. My understanding is that the eagle hasn't fully landed yet. The info on the following TGA webpage indicates that Ocrelizumab is approved to be added as an approved drug in February 2017, but this is not the same as being funded under the Australian Government's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Until approved for subsidy under the PBS it means that if the drug is used the patient has to pay the full cost of the drug – whatever that is.https://www.tga.gov.au/book-page/21-ocrelizumabGiven that the TGA's decision is dated January 2017 on their website I'm not sure why it's taken until July for Roche to send out a media release. I also don't know if the drug is ACTUALLY available yet in Aus for patients to use – maybe someone else in Aus could post a comment on this……….

    1. Yes, I believe Roche have made it available now in OZ for use on compassionate grounds. My neuro has his first PPMS patient being treated this week. Apparently January or February 2018 is expected for PBS, but don't hold your breath.

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