#GuestPost: MS in South America

Are you interested in a MS fellowship at #BartsMS? #GuestPost

Over the last few years we have been privileged, at Barts-MS, to have the opportunity to host many young neurologists from across the world on our fellowship training programme(s). It gives me great pleasure to welcome Saúl Reyes from Bogota, Colombia, to London. Saúl will be helping us investigate inequality in the NHS; i.e. do some sectors of the population game the system to get what they want in relation to the treatment of their MS? The corollary being are we neglecting some people with MS? 

9 thoughts on “#GuestPost: MS in South America”

  1. Professor Giovannoni how does one apply for a training fellowship at your centre? And how long are they?

    1. You need to contact us. We don't have funded fellowships so you have to be able to support yourself. However, we can help you apply for funding. Ideally, we like people to come for at least a year so that they can do something meaningful. Saúl Reyes is only with us for 3 months, but he is already making an impact.

  2. Congrats on your fellowship Saul!I am convinced you'll have a delightful experience there.

  3. South America as a whole needs this exchange of experiences and knowledge, so Brazil needs a lot.I would like to see brazilian neurologists in this type of study program. Congratulations to Saul!!!

  4. Cinara, I agree with you 100%! I strongly believe that medical education is the art of collaboration. Enormous efforts are needed to increase research and development in our countries!Thank you for your comments!

  5. Prof G what type of experience does the fellowship offer? May be you could do a specific post on this? Thanks.

  6. I am not in the MS field. But I consider very important to bring new knowledge to our Low-Middle Income countries. Great effort, great impact of your first post. Saul, Congrats.Hernán Bayona

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