#GuestPost & #ThinkHand: reaching out to people with more advanced MS

An in depth look at people with more advanced MS #GuestPost #ThinkHand

We are very fortunate to have an increasing number of people helping us with our #ThinkHand campaign. Some of you have already met RMH who kindly did a recent post on our MS-Chariot meeting at which she interviewed DrK as a Shift.ms reporter. RMH would now like to reach-out to wider MS community for help. 


I am a journalist, with RRMS, doing an article about those with advanced MS in the UK. As part of the article I would like to speak to those with advanced MS and get your views – both positive and negative – about your experience dealing with the UK MS Society, MS Trust, NHS, MS researchers and other MS stakeholders. Do you feel the various stakeholders includes/reaches out to those with advanced MS as much as those with RRMS?

Many thanks in advance.


If you are willing to help can you please leave your contact details in the following online form so that Rachel can contact you to set-up an interview. Thanks.

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