12 thoughts on “#ResearchSpeak & #ECTRIMS2017: late-breakers at ECTRIMS 2017”

    1. This refers the late-breaking presentations. When I searched the programme the following topic had HSCT in the title.Autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AHSCT) in relapse remitting (RR-MS) and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SP-MS): a phase II trial from St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney Australia J. Massey (Sydney, AU).In comparison there were 12 references to B cells in the programme. http://www.professionalabstracts.com/ectrims2017/programme-ectrims2017.pdf

    2. You should check out the EBMT meetings for hsct This is mainly an neuro meeting they dont bother with hsct

    1. Yes, we did. One of the research fellows will be presenting a poster on the data. Cladribine controls multiple sclerosis via memory B cell depletion B. Ceronie (London, UK)

  1. I'm very interested to learn the topline results of the Ibudilast trial. Have you seen anything that hints to success/failure?

  2. Hardly late breaking for the Ozanimod trial (positive). It was announced by Cellgene as being positive on 25 March which was before the abstract deadline for the main meetingGNBca1 results were announced August (failure), so a boring 15 minutesMRI in primates is really going to get the juices going of your average neurologistMOG antibody induced disease is often an NMO-like condition#Does neurofilament levels reflect efficacy in RR disease…yesFingolimod in peadiatric MS we can guess too

    1. I can tell MD is not so enthusiastic to attend the session. May be an early return or a late sleep would be better for you.

    2. We all want to know about Ibudilast in Progressive MS but am a bit disappointed by the men in grey's choices our story is cracking

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