#ThinkHand: Today is MS Hand Awareness Day

We are hosting our #ThinkHand Awareness event tonight. The good news is that Shift.ms will be there to help promote the campaign. The following are some YouTube clips, from their reporters, explaining the campaign and how you can help. 

Thank you Shift.ms for helping and spreading hope for the million-plus people who have MS and are using a wheelchair.

What is the #ThinkHand campaign?

What treatments are available to improve upper limb function?

Why is it so important to maintain upper limb function?

How can MSers get involved in the #ThinkHand campaign?

The #ThinkHand 3-Billboards campaign?

2 thoughts on “#ThinkHand: Today is MS Hand Awareness Day”

  1. Can/should we make 22nd February Hand Awareness Day from now on? Think of the annual ad campaign – year 1 – "Here's my dominant hand…. imagine losing the use of it….. And that's what every person with MS imagines in their worst nightmares – and what happens to some of them in reality…." Scary!

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