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Due to the number of emails and/or messages about the COVID-19 vaccines and MS I have been receiving I have put together a rough-and-ready decision aid to deal with the most common questions that have arisen so far.

Please note this is a beta version using Google Slide’s technology. As questions come in I will update the decision aid. If you think it is worthwhile we may be able to convert the decision aid into one of our ClinicSpeak web apps.

Your feedback on the design and format of the decision aid would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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9 thoughts on “#MSCOVID19: vaccine decision aid”

  1. Thanks Prof. Sorry, i know this slideshow was intended to to avoid the need for questions, questions, questions. A scenario though – i am 1 week post ocrevus infusion and have received my invitation for a vaccine. I thought that previously the advice of the Barts Team was to wait at least 1 month (my HCP is suggesting 8 – 12 weeks) but is this now just a case of ‘as soon as possible’

  2. Thank you for putting this together, very informative. I was wondering what your specific thoughts on the Russian vaccine sputnik v are? Is it an mRNA vaccine like the rest, and would it be suitable for a pswms?

    1. The sputnik vaccine is adenovirus based like the OXford/AZ vaccine but uses 2 different serotypes of adenovirus to overcome possible pre-existing immunity to adenovirus in the population. Should be as a suitable as the AZ vaccine and the upcoming Johnson & Johnson which is also adenovirus based.

    2. With version 2.0 I will go through the vaccines and individual DMTs. There are a lot of questions coming through on the survey or Google form.

  3. Very well put together. But as a person with “PPMS” who is not on a DMT, it has actually made me more afraid of the vaccine.

    Because you say vaccination is like infection, which triggers a third of relapses?

    (I have had relapse activity in the past.)

    Perhaps I misunderstand?

  4. Thank you prof G. You say relaps is ‘unlikely’ – are there any elements that point in one or the other direction? I guess it’s way too soon for real-life data on this…

  5. Thanks Prof G – I like the snappy and definitive slides. Quite a lot of concern and although advice from my MS team, was to wait 12 weeks post infusion – I was offered the vaccine at 7/8 weeks post and decided to go ahead with it. Partially due to concern that if I declined, that I might be missed or have to go to the back of the queue! I was also of the same thoughts that if it gave me a less severe COVID, then that would be a better outcome for me!

    All the best,

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