Natalizumab risk stratification update

The following is an update of the natalizumab risk stratification figures based on:
  1. Prior use of immunosuppression; for example mitoxantrone. azathioprine, etc. 
  2. Treatment duration (months); please remember that the risk of PML within the first 12 months of therapy is very low.
  3. Anti-JCV antibody status (positive or negative); if you have not been tested for these antibodies you need to ask your neurologist to arrange the test, which is available within the UK. 
The figures in this diagram are based on data from Biogen-Idec presented at the following meetings:
  1. Sandrock, et al. Presented at: ENS; May 28-31, 2011; Lisbon, Portugal. O212. 
  2. Sandrock, et al. Presented at: CMSC; June 1-4, 2011; Montreal, Quebec, Canada. S92
CoI: multiple

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