ClinicSpeak: MS Awareness Week 25 April – 1st May

Did you know today is the beginning of the 2016 MS awareness week? #ClinicSpeak #MSTrust #MSAwareness

“The MS Trust one of the UK charities that Barts-MS supports. They are raising awareness about the inequality of MS Services provision across the UK. Please make a noise and spread the word.”

Click on image to visit MS Trust Site and learn about the activities this week.

“If you use the MS Trust’s services, and information resources, you will realise just how good they are in helping pwMS manage their disease. As always in this time of austerity the MS Trust needs our help more than ever to keep itself running.”

“To help the MS Trust we will be running as a team in the annual 2016 London Vitality 10km run on the 10th July. As always we would appreciate your generous support. Can you imagine a MS World without the MS Trust? We can’t! Thank you.”

Click on image to make a donation!

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