Passing on the baton

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★

As an academic neurologist and MS researcher, it is one thing to generate new ideas and data, it’s another thing to get people to adopt them. Therefore the dissemination of knowledge has dominated my agenda in the past few years. With a resetting of my priorities back towards research I have passed the education baton to younger colleagues. This includes my role as director of the MS Academy. This doesn’t mean I don’t support the aims and objectives of the MS Academy, which in short is to upskill and train the next generation of HCPs working in MS. So if you are interested in MS please sign-up for one of the MS Academy’s masterclasses. In addition to education, the MS Academy is rapidly expanding its membership and has become the ‘British Society of MS Healthcare Professionals’ with the aim of improving MS services and outcome for our patients. There are still a few places left on the upcoming Foundation and Advanced classes. 


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