NHS letter to patients regarding COVID-19 antivirals

If you have MS and live in England you should be on the Government’s shielding/vulnerable list that allows you to be given a 3rd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine as part of your primary course of vaccinations and hence you are eligible for a 4th dose as a booster three months after your 3rd dose. In addition to this, in the event of developing COVID-19 you are also eligible for receiving antivirals, in both the community and hospital.

If you have received the following letter in the last few days you are on the list. If you are not on the list you may want to contact your GP to let them know.

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2 thoughts on “NHS letter to patients regarding COVID-19 antivirals”

  1. Is it definitely all of us or does it depend what medication we are on? I’ve had my booster rather than a third primary dose. No contact from my GP but they normally don’t contact me about getting a flu jab until the end of winter (I make sure I get it in autumn)

    1. To he honest it is only pwMS who are older (>50), with advanced disability (EDSS >= 7.0), comorbidities (diabetes, smoking, hypertension, obesiry, etc.) and those on anti-CD20 therapies or S1P modulators that are vulnerable.

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