Twitter is where all #MSCOVID19 action is happening

In my inbox this morning there were several emails from people with MS asking the same questions. What should I do; self-isolate or continue as is? Should I stop my DMT or continue it? Am I at increased risk of COVID-19 or not? If I get COVID-19 am I at risk of developing serious disease? Should I purchase a ventilator? I have symptoms of COVID-19 what should I do? Are there any patients with MS who have or have had COVID-19?

I am now creating a template email response directing them to my COVID-19 & MS microsite and saying if after reading the contents this doesn’t answer your question please ask your question(s) using the online portal so that when I make an attempt to answer it everyone else can learn from it.

Twitter is turning orange; MS orange!

There appears to be an increasing number of patients with MS who have or have had COVID-19 that are being reported on Twitter. The following are some of the relevant tweets. If you know of any other cases please let us know.

CoI: multiple

A quick summary of Prof G’s Twitter activity (17-23 Sept 2018)