3 thoughts on “CCSVI treatments halted at Stanford after two adverse events”

  1. Gavin Giovannoni invokes the hippocratic Oath. The problem with that is that i and other people with MS are quite capable of making informed decisions regarding their own health care. I don't need him deciding what is appropriate for me. Once i am informed, with the currently available information, he has done his duty. Now move aside and open your mind to the fact that you may be wrong.

  2. We, patients with MS, should have our right to decide whether or not we believe in and want the procedure. I am in Canada and my neurologist is sooooo close minded about this. This is the first thing in 20 years of having MS that makes sense to me. I would do the procedure in a heartbeat but being from Canada, where our medical system is suppose to be good, are not allowed to make our own decision. This is wrong and they should look out of the box and admit we have been travelling down the wrong track for years! Give us a break and give us our live back! Any improvement is an improvement that is welcomed by all!!

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