5 thoughts on “The Zamboni myth: why “CCSVI” is surreal”

  1. PS Why don't you folks at Barts join the forum in the 2nd link, as Dr Sclafani has done, and tell them where they are going wrong? May be good to interact a bit.

  2. The success (popularity) of CCSVI is a sad reflection of the situation regarding treatment for progressive MS – there aren't any treatments to stop progression or reverse established disability. Until the MS research world can identify effective therapies for progressive MS then treatments such as CCSVI are going to flourish. If you guys could come up with one treatment which is shown to dramatically slow progression (and doesn't come with the usual side-effects e.g. PML), then 'surreal' treatments such as CCSVI will vanish – the ball is in your court. I know it's a complex disease – but MS research has been funded for over 50 years (and think of the technology advances in that time)!

  3. Yes, Anonymous, but who funds the large part of MS research? People who want a cure or people who would lose profit should a cure be discovered? People who are looking at modulating the immune system in a slightly more effective way than the currently available treatments? And CCSVI will not vanish. It might stop the progression of your illness but it will not vanish, too many people have had their lives returned to them for that to happen.

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