P4 Medicine

One of my ambitions for multiple sclerosis in the not so distant future is P4 medicine:

  1. Predictive
  2. Preventative
  3. Personalised
  4. Participatory 
Please watch the following:

“By clicking onto this blog you are already beginning to see the beginnings of P4 neurology. Our primary research aim is to predict who will develop MS so that we can prevent it happening. To do this we need massive participation. So please spread the word the more participation we get the more likely we are to succeed.”

4 thoughts on “P4 Medicine”

  1. When watching this video I felt like were living in truly advanced times. I then looked at my wheelchair and considered the massive gulf between what this doctor says and the actual reality of things. I have MS. I am disabled. I am 32. There is nothing any doctor on planet Earth can do to make me better. That is the truth.It's good to know that your "primary research aim" is predicting who will develop MS. The shame for someone like me is that I have developed MS and get worse. I don't feel like people like me are on any of your "primary research" goals.

  2. Prof G,Predictive Preventative Personalised Participatory Looks very much like the focus is on those without the disease. I'd prefer:Cause/Cure Stop/stabiliseReverse/repairPreventing the disease is vital. But we mustn't forget those who already have the disease.

  3. "Preventing the disease is vital. But we mustn't forget those who already have the disease." No our research is not only focused on prevention. We are involved in a large number of clinical trials including the Alemtuzumab programme and have plans for testing anti-EBV drugs in early MS. We have a big programme looking at neuroprotective therapies and are collaborating with other groups on remyelination and neurorestorative therapies. David Baker and Gianvito Martino (Milan) were recently awarded a stem cell grant. The latter is early stage work in disease models. We are very active as a group; I only have so many hours in a day.

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