Relapses are not associated with exercise

MS typically affects physically active young people.

It is important to know if exercise can increase MS disease activity. 
In this study the investigators used a self-report questionnaire to examine the relationship of different levels of sports activity and relapses in 632 MS’ers. 
No association between sports activity and clinical relapses was identified. 
The group with highest physical activity tended to have the lowest number of relapses. 
Interpretation: Physical activity has no significant influence on clinical disease activity.
“Good news for physically active MS’ers. Exercise also release endorphins within the brain that are part of the brain’s reward system and make you feel pleasant. Interestingly, this is one of the ways low dose naltrexone is meant to work. Do any of you exercise and use LDN?”

2 thoughts on “Relapses are not associated with exercise”

  1. I have PPMS and go down attend the gym three times a week. I have always been a fitness buff even prior to developing my illness. I do really push myself, doing weight training and certain cardio exercises. My walking is pretty bad nowadays and crutches help me get around, but if you were to see me in person, just stood up normally, you’d never know there was anything wrong with me because I like to think that I look a picture of good health; though inside I don’t necessarily feel that way at times.I did ask my GP last year for an LDN prescription but he was really reluctant. He said that he felt I was doing alright without it. He argued that the long term effects of taking LDN were questionable and that there’s no proof that it is of clinical benefit to PPMS patients.Yes, working out is getting hard for me but I love it. I love being active. I’m constantly doing physio exercises at home to improve my balance and stability. There are no drugs to benefit my type of MS therefore the impetus is on me to manage my condition to the best of my ability. To be honest, I think that if I relied on neurologists for drugs and didn’t put in the work I have done then I’d be in a much worse state. I think all the credit for how well I am managing my MS is down to me.No pain, no gain. If you have progressive MS and are not badly disabled then I seriously recommend quality exercise.

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