CCSVI – another negative independent study

Epub ahead of printTsivgoulis et al. Extracranial venous hemodynamics in multiple sclerosis: A case-control study. Neurology. 2011 Aug 17.

Objectives: These investigators performed a color-coded Doppler sonography case-control study to externally validate the CCSVI criteria.

Results: The investigators recruited 42 MS’ers with MS and 43 control individuals 
There was no evidence of stenosis or nondetectable Doppler flow in cervical veins in patients and controls. 
Reflux in internal jugular vein (IJV) was documented in 1 MS’er (2%) and 1 control subject (2%), both in sitting and supine posture during apnea. 
Conclusions: Their data argue against CCSVI as the underlying mechanism of MS. Without further independent validation of CCSVI, potentially dangerous endovascular procedures, proposed as novel therapy for MS, should not be performed outside controlled clinical trials.
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  1. Re: "No way they could get these results if they used the proper protocols!"That is science for you; it all about reproducibility. If it can't be reproduced it is not real. Ed Thompson of my mentors, this time my scientific mentor, said to me: "if you can't reproduce results because of a specific method, the science is almost certainly wrong." Finally, investigating veins and arteries is not rocket science; the current methods have been around for decades.

  2. I was surprised to find an 80% blockage and 95% blockage of my jugulars but I know my veins are not great because I had veins stripped before I ever ended up with MS. Hummm, maybe I was born with this and years of deoxygenated blood gave me problems with walking, balance, and my brain. We need to take this serious because I need a doctor who can keep my blood flowing.

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