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I do not give any vaccine within 6 mos of acute attack. After this, we use all routine vaccines normally. I always ensure that children have varicella vaccine (if they did not have natural infection) before immunosuppression. Hope this helps! Brenda

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I hope you are well. Is there a consensus regarding routine vaccinations in kids and teens with MS? I need to respond to this query on our blog.
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Many parents believe their child’s MS was triggered by a vaccination and have decided to avoid the HPV vaccine. Should kids & teens with MS get all the usual vaccines?

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  1. Re: "Do you have an opinion on the idea that vaccines can cause MS?"There is no evidence that vaccines cause MS. They can trigger ADEM (acute dissemintaed encephalomyelitis), which can mimic MS. Vaccines, particularly live vaccines, can theoretically trigger relapses. This based on the data that has shown that infections are an important trigger for clinical relpases; 1 in 3 relapses occurs in the at risk period associated with an infection (1 week before and 5 weeks after an infection). The only vaccines that have been adequately studied are the inactivated flu vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine; both are safe.

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