2 thoughts on “MS Champion: Shana Pezaro”

  1. I am of the same age as Shana and have PPMS.Like her, I am disabled, though not yet in a wheelchair. Last year I had to endure the humiliation that was the ATOS assessment for ESA.I was refused ESA but the case went to tribunal and it was ruled in my favour.Much like Shana, I too am an educated and articulate individual. I was able to seek the help of professionals and disability rights organisations to support my case. Coming from a family of lawyers; my dad, mum and sister were at hand to assist me through the legal implications of such a tribunal.Most people with MS may not be in such a favourable position and suffer as a result of the system working against them.I refuse to believe that anyone with MS will rather live with the disease than return to work. That is impossible. MS literally robs you of yourself, and that is never an easy thing to live with.The aspiration is to one day rid the world of MS, or at least to stop it in its tracks. This is merely a living hope at the moment. The reality is that a debilitating form of MS is not treatable and as a result many of us had to give up on our future plans, dreams and aspirations. We sought the help of the State un order to make our lives easier, yet we are faced with a system that ultimately attempts to hinder assistance.I marvel at the contemptuous nature of the DWP when it comes to assessing MS'ers for ESA. I'm astounded at the vilification of disabled people in modern Britain who are largely seen as a burden on society.

  2. So true. I was refused ESA even though I cannot walk right. The system is not fit for purpose.This current government is seriously right-wing and is implementing a string of hard-Conservative legislations.I feel that the Conservative party isn't against diabled people; they just don't like economically poor people.When you look at society, it is disabeled, ethnic and those from broken families who are the poorest, and the current government has a problem with all those groups and is gunning for them.If every disabled person was wealthy then I'm sure that Parliment wouldn't defame us in the manner they are doing.

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