4 thoughts on “Environmental factors and MS”

  1. You seem to accept very easily the analogy between MS and animal neuroinflammatory diseases.Having a relapsing-remitting course, some kind of paralysis, or dots in the MRI is not enough, you know. There should be histological consistency within the lesions, there should be fatigue, bladder problems, there should be Dawson's fingers.Are there?

  2. VVOur animal model has not only a relapsing remitting course with histological consistency but also a secondary progresssive phase too where bladder problems and muscle fatigue are present. As for Dawson's fingers I very much doubt it.

  3. Re "muscle fatigue"Muscle fatigue and MS (rest) fatigue are worlds apart. Patients know.Re "As for Dawson's fingers I very much doubt it."MS is all about Dawson's fingers. They are not found in any other CNS disease. That is something, isn't it?Re "histological consistency"Early lesions of the human spine have oversized and deformed neuronal axons prior to any cell infiltration. Is this the case with your model too?Is there a detailed description of your model i could study? Thank you.

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