ECTRIMS 2011: Barts and The London

If you are interested the following is a list of our contribution to ECTRIMS this year:

Epstein-Barr virus and MS 8
G. Giovannoni (London, UK)

Identification of Epstein-Barr Virus associated epigenetic changes and association with multiple sclerosis
S. Ramagopalan, G. Ebers, U. Meier, G. Giovannoni (Oxford, London, UK)

VSN16R a novel agent for the control of spasticity P 561
D. Baker, G. Pryce, C. Visintin, R.G. Pertwee, C. Tanner, R. Ross, A. Irving, S. Sisay, S.J. Jackson, G. Giovannoni, D.L. Selwood (London, Aberdeen, Dundee, UK)

Fingolimod (FTY720) modulates microglial activation to augment markers of remyelination P 494
S. Jackson, G. Giovannoni, D. Baker (London, UK)

Do siblings have markers of multiple sclerosis risk? P 230
R. Dobson, U.C. Meier, K. Schmierer, G. Giovannoni (London, UK)

Selective targeting of spasticity by CNS-excluded cannabinoids P 570
G. Pryce, C. Visintin, B. Lutz, G. Marsicano, G. Giovannoni, D.L. Selwood, D. Baker (London, UK; Mainz, DE; Bordeaux, FR)

Selective targeting of neuroprotection to MS lesions: sodium channel blockers in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis P 493
S. Al-Izki, G. Pryce, S. Amor, W. Gerritsen, J. Garthwaite, G. Giovannoni, D.L. Selwood, D. Baker (London, UK; Amsterdam, NL)

Wrist and ankle activity monitoring correlates with clinical outcome measures in subjects with multiple sclerosis P 507
M. Espasandin, T. Barber, M. Calado-Marta, A. Johnston, G. Giovannoni (London, UK)

Clinical efficacy of BG-12, an oral therapy, in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: data from the phase 3 DEFINE trial 95
R. Gold, L. Kappos, A. Bar-Or, D. Arnold, G. Giovannoni, K. Selmaj, M. Yang, K. Dawson (Bochum, DE; Basel, CH; Montreal, CA; London, UK; Lodz, PL; Cambridge, US)

Fatty acid amide hydrolase as a target for neuroprotection P 955
R.S. Graves, G. Pryce, A. Cabranes, J. Fernández-Ruiz, T. Bisogno, V. Di Marzo, B.F. Cravatt, G.J. Michael, G. Giovannoni, M.R. Elphick, D. Baker (London, UK; Madrid, ES; Naples, IT; La Jolla, US)

BG-12 effects on patient-reported outcomes in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: results from the DEFINE study P 1071
L. Kappos, R. Gold, D. Arnold, A. Bar-Or, G. Giovannoni, K. Selmaj, C. Tompkins, S. Agarwal, K. Dawson (Basel, CH; Bochum, DE; Montreal, CA; London, UK; Lodz, PL; Cambridge, US)

Mitigating severe lymphopenia: post hoc analysis of data from the 96-week CLARITY study P 1000
G. Giovannoni, P. Soelberg Sørensen, H. Butzkueven, G. Comi, S. Cook, K. Rammohan, P. Rieckmann, P. Vermersch, D. Bock, J. Weiner, N. Kurukulasuriya, D. Mikol (London, UK; Copenhagen, DK; Melbourne, AU; Milan, IT; Newark, Miami, US; Bamberg, DE; Lille, FR; Rockland, US; Geneva, CH)

Relapses and lymphocyte counts before and after rescue therapy in the phase III, 96-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled CLARITY study of cladribine tablets for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis P 917
P. Soelberg Sørensen, G. Giovannoni, P. Rieckmann, G. Comi, S. Cook, K. Rammohan, P. Vermersch, N. Kurukulasuriya, A. Hamlett, A. Galazka (Copenhagen, DK; London, UK; Bamberg, DE; Milan, IT;

Efficacy on MRI endpoints of BG-12, an oral therapy, in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: data from the phase 3 DEFINE trial P 831
D. Arnold, R. Gold, A. Bar-Or, L. Kappos, G. Giovannoni, K. Selmaj, R. Zhang, K. Dawson (Montreal, CA; Bochum, DE; Basel, CH; London, UK; Lodz, PL; Weston, US)

Innate immune activation is associated with latent Epstein-Barr virus infection in active MS lesions P 789
J.S. Tzartos, G Khan, M. Cruz-Sadaba, A. Vossenkamper, S. Lonardi, E. Sefia, A. Meager, J. Middledorp, P. Farrell, G. Giovannoni, U.-C. Meier (Athens, GR; Al Ain, AE; Madrid, ES; London, UK; Brescia, IT; Potters Bar, UK; Amsterdam, NL)

Safety and tolerability of BG-12 in the phase 3 DEFINE trial in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis P 994
K. Selmaj, R. Gold, L. Kappos, A. Bar-Or, D. Arnold, G. Giovannoni, M. Sweetser, M. Novas, K. Raghupathi, K. Dawson (Lodz, PL; Bochum, DE; Basel, CH; Montreal, CA; London, UK; Weston, US)

Analysing and redesigning the outpatient experience for people with multiple sclerosis P 1066
A. Thomson, M. Espasandin, T. Denholm, G. Giovannoni (London, UK)
15:30 – 17:00 Neuroprotection 2

Neuroprotection in a novel optic neuritis model P 963
K. Lidster, S. Jackson, P. Coffey, M. Baker, J. Garthwaite, D. Selwood, G. Giovannoni, D. Baker (London, UK)

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of daclizumab HYP monotherapy in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: primary results of the SELECT trial 149
G. Giovannoni, R. Gold, K. Selmaj, E. Havrdova, X. Montalban, E.W. Radue, D. Stefoski, R. Robinson, K. Riester, J. Elkins, G. O’Neill (London, UK; Bochum, DE; Lodz, PL; Prague, CZ; Barcelona, ES; Basel, CH; Chicago, Redwood City, Cambridge, US)

Efficacy and safety results from CARE-MS I: a phase 3 study comparing alemtuzumab and interferon-beta-1a 151
A. Coles, V. Brinar, D.L. Arnold, J. Cohen, C. Confavreaux, E.J. Fox, H.-P. Hartung, E. Havrdova, K. Selmaj, H. Weiner, G. Giovannoni, S.L. Lake, D.H. Margolin, M. Panzara, D.A.S. Compston (Cambridge, UK; Zagreb, HR; Montreal, CA; Cleveland, US; Lyon, FR; Round Rock, US; Düsseldorf, DE; Prague, CZ; Lodz, PL; Boston, US; London, UK; Cambridge, US)

High-field imaging and improved cortical visualisation 69
K. Schmierer (London, UK)

In multiple sclerosis´ protein phosphorylation competes with the free proton binding capacity in post-mortem brain tissue P 1102
K. Schmierer, D. Tozer, A. Petzold (London, UK; Amsterdam, NL)

Autoimmunity to astrocytes in multiple sclerosis and EAE P 310
S. Amor, L. Qiu, F. Puentes, B. van der Star, J. Palace, W. Gerritsen, P. van der Valk, D. Baker (Amsterdam, NL; London, UK; Oxford, UK)

Autoimmunity to axonal proteins in multiple sclerosis P 742
F. Puentes, B. van der Star, R. Huizinga, W. Gerritsen, P. van der Valk, D. Baker, S. Amor (London, UK; Amsterdam, NL)

B. van der Star, R. Huizinga, R. Jong, W. Gerritsen, F. Puentes, P. van der Valk, S. AmorP254

Phagocytosis of neuronal debris by microglia is associated with neuronal damage in multiple sclerosis (Amsterdam, Rotterdam NL, London UK)

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