MS Life – Manchester 14-15 April 2012

A letter from the MS Society

MS Life event accessible to all thanks to the MS Society

As the cost of every day living continues to rise, household budgets remain tight with many of us feeling the pinch more so now than ever. 

With this in mind, the MS Society is offering grants of up to £150 to help people with MS and their carers from across the UK with the travel and accommodation costs associated with attending MS Life 2012, the lifestyle event for people affected with multiple sclerosis (MS), held on the 14th and 15th April in Manchester. 

Given that people living with MS often struggle with mobility and fatigue, this extra money will help make their journey to MS Life more manageable as they can use it to pay for a taxi or a hotel room to stay over in Manchester. We do, however, urge people to apply sooner rather than later as the deadline for applications (30th March) is fast approaching. The fund is open to anyone in the UK affected by MS, with priority given to people with less than £16,000 in savings and those travelling the furthest. 

We look forward to welcoming people to MS Life, which promises to showcase workshops and talks from world-leading experts and scientists and bring people affected by MS – whether personally or professionally – together.  

Should you wish to apply for the grant, please call 020 8438 0700 or email

Christopher Bray,  MS Society

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