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Romley JA et al.Survey results show that adults are willing to pay higher insurance premiums for generous coverage of specialty drugs. Health Aff (Millwood) 2012 Apr;31(4):683-90.

coverage of specialty drugs for cancer and other diseases may be
valuable not only for sick patients currently using these drugs, but
also for healthy people who recognize the potential need for them in the
future. This study estimated how healthy people value insurance
coverage of specialty drugs, defined as high-cost drugs that treat
cancer and other serious health conditions like multiple sclerosis,
by quantifying willingness to pay via a survey. US adults were
estimated to be willing to pay an extra $12.94 on average in insurance
premiums per month for generous specialty-drug coverage-in effect, $2.58
for every dollar in out-of-pocket costs that they would expect to pay
with a less generous insurance plan. Given the value that people assign
to generous coverage of specialty drugs, having high cost sharing on
these drugs seemingly runs contrary to what people value in their health


“In the UK we are very lucky to have the NHS and that it is free at the point of delivery, but not all countries cover health treatments in the same way. The NHS is also very good at bullying Pharma to drive down costs; the old story is that central procurement saves money. The down side is that if you live in a country with a “true market” in healthcare you are under a lot of stress about being able to afford medication.”

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  1. Also US insurance companies do 'cream-skimming' where they will insure the fit and healthy, but leave others uninsured or it costs a lot. I go on a US website about leukaemia and one bloke fighting the disease siad that a month in hospital with chemo,back up care etc cost Blue Cross $308,000, and he got a bill for the other $708 owed! Good old NHS.

  2. Yeah, but how many times have MSers been to a local NHS hospital and asked for drugs they know of and been told they cannot have due to the facr their PCT is not willing to fund it?The NHS wa very good at diagnosing me but hopeless at the after care. My neurologist isn't even an MS specialist even though he's in charge of looking after me. That's what NHS MS care has been reduced to.Thanks to this current crap UK Govenment, the NHS is about to get a hell of a lot worse.MSers deserve better.

  3. I quite agreee it's unfair. Why don't you google to find an MS specialist in your area, go back to your GP and ask himn to refer you to that specialist as you feel you aren't getting the care you need and want to see an MS specialist. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

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