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Team G (Ruth, Sam, Katie, Ailsa, Ceri, Alison, Adam, Gavin) are at it again, we are all running the British 10km this morning to raise money for the MS Trust. I am about to leave for the race; it is cold and raining and I would rather be indoors. I have a very painful groin injury; a reminder of getting old and the belief that I can still run as far and fast as I could when I was 30. Despite this I will be leaving in the next few minutes to get wet, cold and sore. It will only be for a few hours and then I will be warm and dry again and hopefully without too much pain. MSers don’t have this luxury. If you are feeling generous please click on the link below and give generously. The MS Trust is a very special charity and we need them to survive the economic abyss.

Thank you.

Team G’s JustGiving Page

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  1. Just back; managed to run it in under 46 minutes. The pain was bearable; thanks to a 800mg of ibuprofen and a double shot of espresso, not to mention my endorphins. It only rained half the time, but the puddles were enormous and I got my shoes and socks drenched within the first kilometre. All in all a worthwhile experience. Thanks for your kind donations; it is much appreciated.

  2. A massive thank you to everyone who has (and is thinking of) donating – Ailsa and I didn't quite match Prof G's time but came in at under an hour, extremely soggy but happy to have made it!

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