3 thoughts on “Living with Multiple Sclerosis – African American Perspectives”

  1. Thanks for sharing this video Prof G. Amzing how slick and well produced the clips made by the NMSS are where as our UK MS Society's videos always look like some GCSE media studies project.These featured clips are insightful. Ethnic specific perceptions of MS are very distinct. For example, all the MSers here are really religious and talk about the importance of their God in coping with the disease.I'd love to know how many UK MSers feel their religious beliefs aid them because for me to put my faith in a God would act as a distraction. I believe in reading the science and taking that approach in order to stay informed abd be practicle.I know that the UK has ethinic communities with MS and they may have strong religious beliefs that help them cope. Maybe they should make videos like thins, only use better cameras an lighting.

  2. "There must be a strong genetic element to MS".Maybe a strong environmental factor- they could live in the same house, eat the same food and have the same climate.or both

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