An holistic approach to MS – beta version

I presented a new version of my holistic approach to MS at ECTRIMS; it is inspired by the London Underground map. A lot of people have asked me for the slide which I have distributed.  I would appreciate comments and additions. I am sure I have left things off the slide and want it to be as complete and accurate as possible. Any comments therefore would be much appreciated. 

You can download the file from the following link: an holistic approach to MS

6 thoughts on “An holistic approach to MS – beta version”

  1. I notice that you include employment, driving, studying and other topics around the counselling branch line – I was going to say that the map really focusses on problem areas rather than the whole person, until I saw that. I know everyone's experience is different etc etc but in my experience 95% of my life (so far!) has NOT been concerned with MS, so the map would show family, studying, exercise, employment etc as overwhelmingly the largest elements, with a tiny percentage devoted to anxiety (around the time of diagnosis) and gait/spasticity (and I think you need weakness) as a small percentage too. Sorry not to do more research into how you intend this to be used – are you thinking it can be customised for each person? I like the concept, though I am left with some questions/observations. What seems to happen is that as soon as a person has this diagnosis, other people make the assumption that they can no longer think for themselves or determine their own future. I know you're not in that camp, Prof G, but anything to dispel that myth is to be welcomed. Am commenting as yo say you'd like feedback.

  2. I'm not sure if it's important but I would say you are missing the non drug based approaches that many MSers adopt with or without the DMD's (I might have missed them of course!). They seem to fly somewhat under the clinicians radar but are probably important (even in clinical trials, does VitD supplementation get taken into account?) These are the lifestyle changes to de-stress, excercise more, spend more time in the sun, take vitamin D3 supplementation, omega 3's, rest more etc etc

  3. Why is the counseling box graphically attached CIS? Why does it not run along in parrellel with the time axis. I assume that this conseling element is relevant all the way through.

  4. this site is full of juvenilles in oblivion Why doctors are more dangerous than guns – Health Ranger investigation you tube watch to realise whats really going on WAKE UP drug pushers

  5. Hello, this became very useful in a paper I am doing on Public Heatlh and MS , would you be so kind as to providing the author for citation reference?

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