Poll result: “do you believe access to DMTs is a basic human right?”

“The results is interesting, particularly that it occurred in the week that President Obama was re-elected president of the United States of America. A lot of armchair pundits were stating that this election was really about how much socialism the American electorate are prepared accept. Obama, and the democrats, believe that healthcare is a basic human right and that would include DMTs for MSers who are not covered by insurance and who can’t afford the extortionate cost of DMTs in the US. Republicans believe that any form of covert socialism, such as Obama-care, will reduce the raw capitalist incentives that drive innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit in the US. Both sides have a point-of-view and only time will tell who is right. Interesting that the reds won out with this survey. I am surprised as in the UK, and most of Europe, where socialist healthcare has been around for more than half a century, DMTs are a basic human right; that is provided you fulfill national eligibility guidelines for these treatments. Maybe we are taking too much for granted? One comment collected on the poll tells it as it is: 

‘Food, housing, education and basic healthcare are certainly basic human rights, but most people in my country don’t have these. So I cannot say access to MS DMTs are a basic human right’.

I think we should reflect on this comment and appreciate what we have; that is those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a country where access to DMTs is not an issue.”

2 thoughts on “Poll result: “do you believe access to DMTs is a basic human right?””

  1. I'm very surprised ar the result though I wrote that comment. If I lived in a developed country my response would be that it is a basic human right.

  2. DMTs are extremely expensive. And they are not a cure. It's easier to call something like antibiotics a basic human right. They're cheap and they can save a life.

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