Poll result: off-label prescribing

“It is not often we get such a clear result. For those of you who have not been following this debate on the blog may find the earlier posts around this topic useful.”

Multiple Sclerosis Research: Offlabel prescribing

16 Dec 2012
Henry V. Off-label prescribing. Legal implications. J Leg Med. 1999 Sep;20(3):365-83. Some excerpts: ….. The FDA has an official policy to provide physicians the ability to prescribe approved drugs for unapproved uses called 
12 Sep 2012
It is not illegal as suggested to prescribe off-label where other licensed drugs are available. It is potentially (the Avastin litigation has not been resolved) ‘illegal’ for NHS trusts to pay for off-licence drugs in those circumstances 
23 Dec 2012
I posted on this topic last week, under the title off-label prescribing. Each country or region has an agency that licenses drugs; in Europe it is the European Medicines Agency (EMA), in the US the Food and Drug Administration 
17 Dec 2012
The cost differential was so striking that one primary care trust authorised the off-label use of bevacizumab rather than pay for the higher priced option, reversing its stance only after the company offered price concessions. … .

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