Poll results: IPMSC results

#MSBlog Why are MSers with progressive disease so cynical?

Comments left on the survey:

Lots of talking…. but no breakthrough.

Why not? Lots of things seem to be making breakthroughs and if you are eating fabulous food your brains will be working well : )
“Don’t want to be negative, but how can such a meeting deliver anything? You might get started and collaboration is always good. But I don’t think this will give you a magic wand. Best of luck anyway..”

“I hope for the best, but progressive MS so far has proved intolerably difficult to make sense of. The fact that years of investigation has delivered so little makes me think this event will also fail to deliver. I so hope I’m wrong. Best, A Young PPMSer”

Excuse for another piss-up. The purpose of these meetings is to identify where the next meetings etc etc will take place.

I’ve got my defibrillator ready. I’d have a heart attack if a breakthrough was announced.

Unlikely, but at least the three of you can pick up a nice Valentine’s gift for your others halves.

“At least mouse can eat his way through a stack of cheesy pizzas”

Good of you to let Mouse doc out and taste luxury. Milan is the fashion capital of the world so he may stick out some what.

Could you ask Anne Cross how her work is going. She was doing quite a bit with Rituximab.

Hmm difficult to say at such an early stage of the Collaborative. Maybe a break through has already been made, in that progressive MS is being recognised as an area needing urgent treatments. I don’t expect a breakthrough to come about until researchers have been working together in a focussed way for some time – or does this happen anyway?

Got too hopeful before and let down.

I don’t believe it will, I’d like to be proved wrong. Little chance!

Dreaming that you can talk and something happen without major effort.
It’s a good start in the right direction. A solid 4 points from me – you deserve good credit but there is still room for improvement. Good luck!

“Yes, I do believe International exchange of ideas will be the most obvious way to lead to collaboration. Face to face communication is so more HONEST & TIMELY compared to the wonder of telecommunication EXCHANGES. Best wishes.”

If there aren’t meetings like this then nothing will happen – I truly hope that something will come from it, with all these great minds it surely must.
I wish you all the best!
sorry – just pessimistic

It seems pretty elusive…

With open minds, perhaps, who knows what the chances would be, let us hope so.

Big zero

Pigs might fly

“Swimming through muddy water prevents people from arriving at their intended destination. All we read about is””new treatments””, unless the cause or causes of MS, and what the disease or disease are, can be agreed upon by the numerous “”experts”” who appear to hold differing views, and unless the MS charities, who receive large sums of money each year, make the majority of such money available for research, it would appear that the MS community, that is people who have MS, will remain the invisible people they are today. Prov”

Keep dreaming!

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