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    1. The "Shawshank redemption" is one of my favourite movies; never to be forgotten. Thank you for triggering a nostalgic memory.

    2. Shawshank Redemption – a favourite movie and in many ways a dangerous movie too. Tempts you to jump out of your comfort zone. Another movie that always seems relevant to MSers is Gattaca. I was not in the least surprised to read that the maker has a sister with MS

  1. The Shawshank Redemption is a movie in which the protagonist tries for decades to convince the establishment of is innocence and even attempts to pander to their corrupt way of doing things. Ultimately, he takes it upon himself to break out of the prison holding him and then throws all his oppressors under the bus of justice. If anything, the movie tells us that those in charge will never have our best interest at heart and only function to better themselves.This post is entirely meaningless. I am surprised that the Marathon Man isn't featured in this post as that is a better comparator in terms of the true nature of medical professionals. (Evil sociopathic baddies.)PPMSers are irrelevant in the world of MS. There is no money to be made from them. In order for them to get better, a drug will actually need to be shown to work restoratively, unlike the current DMT crap that does not actually stop progression. Prof G is lying if he says otherwise.

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