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If you are going to ECTRIMS have you signed up for the Brain Health launch? #MSBlog #MSResearch #PoliticalSpeak

“Version one of our brain health policy document, to try and change the way we view and manage multiple sclerosis, has gone to press. We will be updating the endorsement page once we have had responses from all the organisations we have asked to endorse the document. However, the main document has now been approved by all members of the writing committee.”

“If I can say so myself, I think it is an excellent document and I want to thank all my colleagues, stakeholder organisations and the staff of the Oxford Policy Forum for making it happen.”

“In short the document simply promotes the holistic management of MS, the need to empower MSers, to involve them in shared-decision making and to adopt the slogan ‘time matters’ as a call to action. The document is simply stating that we should be aiming to maximise the lifelong brain health of MSers (diagnose early, treat early, treat effectively, monitor & document, treat-2-target).”

“We will be making the document available via the web after its launch on the 6th of October. If you want to attend the launch meeting please RSVP online at www.msbrainhealth.org; places are limited.”

CoI: Please note that the launch symposium is being funded by generous grants from AbbVie and Genzyme and by educational grants from Biogen, Hoffmann La-Roche and Novartis, all of whom had no influence on the content of the programme or document.

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