ResearchSpeak: repurposing of drugs

Drug repurposing in MS #ShiftMS #ResearchSpeak #MSBlog

“The following is another MS Report as part of our collaboration with The topic of repurposing is very close to our heart; we need it to happen for several reasons.”

CoI: this work has been generously funded by the Wellcome Trust, Thank You. 

6 thoughts on “ResearchSpeak: repurposing of drugs”

    1. This study shows that microglia are activated in Schizopreania and that may occur before onset but what does this mean for MS? We know that microglia are part of MS so there is more interest in microglia. They are also part of Altzheimers. There are issues of synaptic loss and inflammation in many diseases are their common themes.

    2. I have seen this. Very interesting.Looks like overactive microglia are implicated in yet another neurological condition, this one obviously needs more work before a firm link can be established in schizophrenia but it's long been implicated in MS.

    3. My aunt, my mother's sister, had severe schizophrenia diagnosed age 21 and was locked up for years. My MS diagnosed at 21. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a link.

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