NewsSpeak: 7th UCLP MS Research Day

The final programme for the 7th MS Research Day – 18th June 2016. #MSResearch #ResearchSpeak #MSBlog #UCLP 

“The following is the programme for the 7th UCLP MS Research Day. This year’s research day is being hosted by our colleagues from the Royal Free Hospital. A big thank you to Drs Heather Wilson and Bob Brenner for taking this challenge on, we know only to well how much work goes into making these days a success. Unfortunately, MouseDoctor and I will not be able to attend due to prior commitments., but we will have several people representing Barts-MS. It is also important to have fresh faces and new ideas; novelty is the spice of life. 
If you can’t make the research day the presenations will be recorded and posted online in due course. Enjoy!”

Or catch up with the team in the other rooms
The basics: MS and disease modifying therapies
Heather Wilson
Welcome and annual update
Bob Brenner
Heather Wilson
Table discussants:
Members of UCLP MS research and clinical teams
New agents for relapsing MS: latest trial results and drug pipeline
Jeremy Chataway
Emerging therapies for progressive MS
Ben Turner
Stem cell update
Bob Brenner
Buckingham Blues Band
Using good drugs ‘off label’
Klaus Schmierer
Spasticity and walking: where are we now?
Rachel Farrell
What’s new in the lab?
Gareth Pryce
Round up of the day and plans for 2016-2017
Heather Wilson
Meet the team
Bishop Partridge Hall and Hoare Memorial Hall

24 thoughts on “NewsSpeak: 7th UCLP MS Research Day”

  1. Just got off from the plane and I'm really looking forward to listen and learn. Sorry that we cannot meet this year, I brought some spicy Mojo Rojo from Spain to bring you back your lost mojo…I'll give to MD2 so you can enjoy a nice hot meal together. All the best /Swedish Sara

    1. Sara, the Queen's birthday messed up our plans. We had the research day scheduled for 11th June, but had to move it to the 18th so as not to clash with her Birthday celebrations. Unfortunately, MD and I had commitments on the 18th that couldn't be changed. Enjoy!

    2. Please don't blame the Queen. All over London there are events happening at weekends especially around sporting venues. Protest marches are a regular occurrence in Central London. It's all part of living and working in the city. Trooping the Colour is always in June, maybe someone should have checked.

  2. It's just so dull! This gathering is the same routine, the same topics, the same pat on the back. MS research is bound by insufferable repetitions.Yet if you've got progressive MS there is nothing. These seminars are a waste of time and resources.

    1. I attended the research day and there was PLENTY of relevance for people with progressive MS, as there's a huge amount of focus and research going into progressive MS now. Yes, research takes time. Yes, previously the focus has been on RRMS for a long time, however, that IS changing and some of the trials that are currently being undertaken for progressive MS seem to be showing encouraging results. Just for information, I'm not a doctor, nor do I work for pharma. I'm an MS patient and someone who takes a great interest in MS research. In fact, if you go to the MS Society website and look at the "treatments in the pipeline" page, there are about the same number treatments that are in Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials for progressive MS as there are for RRMS. And as for these seminars being a "waste of time and resources" – you're entitled to your opinion, however, for many people with MS, these seminars might be the only time they engage with research and get to actually question neuros and scientists about what's happening. It can be impossible in a clinic setting to ask your neuro about everything because they're trying to get through so many patients. I attend many of these research days and have found them invaluable, as have many other PwMS that I've met there….

  3. 1) There's no duty to attend.2) There's going to be plenty with relevance for people with progressive MS.

  4. I wish I could attend the emerging therapies for progressive MS bit. I hope the content will be online later.

  5. I just wanted to give my thank you to you all. Hopefully will meet again next year. Swedish Sara

  6. Hello! I attended the Research Day and someone has asked me which are the hospital trusts that make the MS side of UCLP. I can remember Barts, UCL and Royal Free but I'm pretty sure there were four altogether on the slide that was shown! Can someone tell me which is the other one please? Thank you!

    1. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot even though I'd say my knowledge of MS research is probably higher than the average knowledge of people who were attending (from chatting with others there). There were some organisational issues and some ideas I've had as a result but I'll send some feedback to you directly about that!

    2. I attended too and thought it was good. I wondered if there was an opportunity to give some anonymous feedback. It would have been an idea to fill in a feedback form perhaps.

  7. Could you please tell me when the videos will be available of the speakers at the MS Research Day? Many thanks.

    1. Hi HeatherThey're being worked on at the moment by the video team so should be available soon. As soon as they are you will be alerted.

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