QuDoS in MS Awards. Blowing Your Trumpet

The MS TrustQuDos Awards 2016

Nominate outstanding MS health professionals for the QuDoS in MS Awards highlighting innovation and excellence in MS management and service delivery

Calling all MS health professionals: enter or nominate colleagues for the 2016 QuDos in MS awards!

The MS Trust is looking to celebrate the work of the MS health professionals that have delivered outstanding, innovative care for people affected by MS. This means MS specialist nurses, allied health professionals (such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists), neurologists and multidisciplinary teams – but also any health professionals that work with or deliver services for people with MS, including GPs, pharmacists and commissioners.

The deadline for nominations is 5pm 12 September. To see how to enter visit qudos-ms.com.(link is external) 

You may nominate/enter as many categories as you wish.

Who can enter?

Entries/nominations are invited from:

• MS specialist nurses
• Other nurses working in MS
• Allied health professionals, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists
• Neurologists – specialist registrars and consultants
• Pharmacists
• GPs
• District nurses, practice nurses, community matrons
• Healthcare professionals working in the community, a hospital or primary care setting, a nursing or care home or a rehabilitation or palliative care setting.
Last Years Winners were

Outstanding MS specialist nurse

Sian Locke, Helen Durham Centre, Cardiff and Vale Health Board, University Hospital of Wales

Liz Watson, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Outstanding allied health professional working in MS

Wendy Hendrie, Norwich MS Centre

Outstanding neurologist in MS treatment

Michael Douglas, Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Multidisciplinary team of the year

Tayside and North East Fife MS Service

Innovation in practice: Pathway redesign to promote seamless services between hospital and community

Derek Laidler and Andrea James, NHS Highland and Lorn and Oban Healthy Options

Information in practice: Outstanding use of information and shared decision making in MS care

PML risk communication information resource, Gavin Giovannoni, Queen Mary University of London and Bart’s Health NHS Trust

Evidence in practice: Using audit, evaluation or research to improve user experience/outcomes of care

Multiple Sclerosis Aqua Research Team (MSART), University of Brighton and Burrswood Hospital

Judges’ Special Award

Family Focused Support Team, Oxford Centre for Enablement, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Christine Singleton, specialist physiotherapist, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

MS Trust 2016 Conference 6-7 November 2016

The MS Trust conference is when the MS health professional community comes together to learn, share expertise and focus on improving care for pwMS.

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13 thoughts on “QuDoS in MS Awards. Blowing Your Trumpet”

  1. I contacted the MS Trust earlier in the year to see if people with MS could nominate. I thought is could be a lovely way for people with MS to give something back, and a good way to engage the MS population, give people a voice etc.The answer was no, no reason given. These are awards MSers have no say in. Very disappointing and ironic given the nature of the awards and who runs them. Such a shame MSers are excluded from entering, we are after all the people at the receiving end of service delivery, yet ours views don't count.

  2. I know that the UK MS Society has held similar awards where people with MS can nominate.But I do not understand why it is only health professionals etc. who can nominate in these awards. This does not make sense to me at all. Is there a reason?

    1. Yes there is a reason. The awards are self nominating because neuros need a self boost. Every industry and every professional body has self nominating awards – nothing unusual about those. Just funny that the neuro self nominating awards are being advertised in the same space as where patient engagement happens. Apparently, what's motivating for the neuros should be motivating for their patients too lol.

    2. I know. The commenters above were asking why they could not make nominations. My perspective hasn't changed lol.

  3. I agree it would be nice if MSers could nominate. My NHS Trust has staff awards for staff recognition, they have an awards ceremony. I can think of an MS medical professional who I might nominate. May be other trusts do similar awards?

  4. Hi This is Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development at the MS Trust. I am really sorry to hear that you didn't feel you got a clear explanation as to why nominations for QuDoS are only open to health professionals. This is the second year of the awards and they were set up to give MS health professionals a way to celebrate their work. There are other examples in health, such as the HSJ awards. We have had a few requests from people with MS to make nominations and this is something we are definitely talking about for the next round. We have run a separate Super Nurse award in the past and one idea is to bring that into QuDoS. Our intention was never to exclude people with MS but rather to give MS teams the chance to acknowledge each other. There is no other opportunity like that for MS teams and it is a big boost for them to have that endorsement from their colleagues. I agree that bringing that together with nominations from people with MS would strengthen it further. Hope that helps explain our thinking and sorry again that you didn't get a straight answer the first time round.

  5. As a patient I support health professionals having the opportunity to nominate each other. They are as well placed as anyone, even better placed in some ways, to know what their colleagues have achieved and contributed. I don't think that is necessarily something patients should be involved in.

    1. If awards are based on self perception rather than stakeholder engagement, then doesn't it follow that self perception may not reward what the stakeholders need rewarded?

  6. I absolutley disagree with this whole concept. It is the patients that should be nominating. Not nurses nominating themselves. I wonder if the results would be the same if it were the patients nominating – I very much doubt it. Why do they feel they need an award? Surely they are there doing a job that they are being well paid for just like any other nurse. Self praise is no honour.

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