#ClinicSpeak & #NeuroSpeak: MS Trust Conference 2016

Should we be moving away from face-to-face meetings to using webinars more for CPD? #ClinicSpeak #NeuroSpeak

I am giving two workshops today on MS Brain Health at the MS Trust’s annual conference in Windsor. The following is my talk and the programme of activities. Thanks to Ruth-Ann Marrie and John Saxton for sharing their ECTRIMS slides with me. Enjoy.

#ThinkHand Table at the MS Trust Conference 2016

It is still very disappointing that the 1-day teaching course for neurologists had to be cancelled due to lack of interest. Too many many meetings? Too close to ECTRIMS? Too expensive? A boring programme? To far away? Or simply neurologist don’t want to be seeing rubbing shoulders and mixing with clinical nurse specialists? 

I chaired an International MS web conference yesterday with 6 speaker hubs across the world (Australia, Lebanon, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany and The Netherlands), with over 40 participant/listener hubs and numerous individual people logging in from home. The meeting went off without a hitch. I was very impressed at how well it went. Instead of flying and transporting 1,000 delegates to a central visit we got to them using modern technology via the web. The amount of air-miles and carbon emissions saved is impressive. Surely this is the way to go with modern CPD? We need to think about our environmental footprint we plan and host these meetings. 

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  1. Not sure about medicine.. but this is a global trend. Well as you mentioned it’s good for the ecology at least

  2. May be emailing a survey to the target audience of the 1-day teaching course for neurologists might give some more insight to the lack of interest? Make the survey responses anonymous. I'm sure there must be a mailing list of some kind or ask the ABN to email it on.

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