#NewsSpeak: glatiramer acetate generic not available in the UK

Copaxone is not the same product as Glatopa. Glatopa is not available in the UK. #NewsSpeak

Our neuroscience pharmacist is being inundated with queries concerning MD’s post last week about liver abnormalities on Glatopa, the Copaxone biosimilar or generic, that has recently been launched in the US.

For all UK patients please note that this formulation of the the drug is not available in the UK. All people with MS who are being treated with glatiramer acetate in the UK will be receiving the innovator compound or Copaxone. This warning does not apply to Copaxone. 

Although there have been several cases of autoimmune hepatitis described in patients on Copaxone (see below) I have interpreted these cases as simply indicating that pwMS are susceptible to other autoimmune diseases such as autoimmune hepatitis.  

Please note if you are on Copaxone you don’t require any specific blood monitoring and you don’t have to contact our MS team about this issue. 

Please note my use of both biosimilar and generic to describe Glatopa. Glatiramer acetate is a so called non-biological complex drug and sits in the gray area between a biological (protein-based therapy) and a small molecule (chemical). The regulatory requirements around non-biological complex drugs is quite complex and there are major differences in how the FDA and EMA deal with them. 

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8 thoughts on “#NewsSpeak: glatiramer acetate generic not available in the UK”

  1. Ok Snake oil 2.0! My sister lost 15 months and posterior fossal nerves so part of her life (work) while she took it. Thank Good for Fingo, it's stability, Qol improvements, I hope her EDSS remain 3,5 or maybe lower long-long time. I hate glatiramer acetate and also the conservative treatment strategy!

    1. Do you know how GA was discovered ? They tried experiments to worsen disease and the animals improved instead and so theyhad a therapy that made and still makesmultiple billions of dollars a year.

    2. There are still a large number of pwMS on GA who are NEDA an doing well. The issue is to find the responders ASAP so as not to disadvantage the non-responders.

    3. I think snake oil is being very unfair to GA. There is now solid evidence that it an effective DMT. Snake oil was peddled without an evidence-base.

    4. Where is the publication showing a large trial that show Copaxone slows disability progression? In the USA, FDA refuted this claim and made TEVA remove this advertising to patients. I have seen studies where it shows a paltry ~30% decrease in relapses compared to placebo but have yet to come across a large study that it slows progression of the disease.

    1. Apologies for causing mayhem amongst NHS patients. In future we will try and be more careful and put the information in context. Saying this the blog now receives many more hits from outside the UK than it does from within the UK. The latter makes it a difficult balancing act.

  2. Thanks for the information!! Was going to ask m Neuro for liver function tests,Until this came out today. Love this site! Thank you

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