#GuestSpeak & #ThinkSpeak: a call to all researchers who read this blog

Guest bloggers needed; please contact us. #GuestSpeak #ThinkSpeak

You will have noticed over the last two weeks a few more guest posts and the inclusion of a short summary at the top of my posts. These are in response to some of your suggestions. As part of the evolution, and rejuvenation, of the blog, we would love to increase the volume of guest posts and reduce the volume of posts from Barts-MS. Why? Diversity is the spice of life and a lot of what we have to say is repetition. We don’t want to bore you and feel you need to hear from other experts in the field. 

So this is a call to potential guest bloggers. If you have done a piece of research and you want to communicate it people with MS, and other MS stakeholders, please don’t hesitate to contact us (bartsmsblog@gmail.com). 

Your intentions should be altruistic and in keeping with our blogging philosophy. We do not want to monetize the blog, therefore, no advertising or links to commercial sites. Please remember the views presented in each post have to be yours and have nothing to do with Barts-MS and our organisations (Queen Mary Universty London & Barts Health NHS Trust). We are also are not a platform for pseudo, or fake, science, nor fake news or alternative facts. We will, therefore, have final editorial control over what we accept and publish on the blog. 

To post you have to provide a lay summary of the work with a link to the publication. In addition, we need a short biography, a disclosure statement and a picture. It is important that the readers know who you are. We also expect all guest bloggers to come back to the blog frequently to answer any questions from our readers.

6 thoughts on “#GuestSpeak & #ThinkSpeak: a call to all researchers who read this blog”

    1. Yes, we have patients posting on this blog. Our Barts-MS Advisory group is driven by patients and we have invited specific patients in the past to make posts. However, the blog is not a patient blog.

  1. Does this mean less post from you guys, or an increase, with the guest posts being an addition to your posts?

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