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  1. I understand the need to include people in wheel chairs. But this goes back to your own previous arguments when EDSS is high the damage is all ready irreversible. So how would money grabbing pharma see a return on their over inflated clinical trial cost? How would they set their primary and secondary outcomes? That's why your proposal to do the caldribine trial for primary progressive will never get off the ground at cost of 2 million. Once it's proven to governments trials can be done a lot cheaper. Pharma stranglehold on health spending will be broken. But hey good luck!

  2. Very clever!My prediction is that Three Billboards is going to take the big one at the Oscars. Let's hope you do the same with #ThinkHand.

    1. I agree, a very clever and thought provoking movie. I like the black humour. It is also one of those movies that keeps coming back to me. Let's see. I am no movie buff if it wins the Oscar for the best movie I would be happy.

  3. "Let's do something about it"…….ok, what should we do? The current list of meds has not shown efficacy so far.

  4. "The current list of meds has not shown efficacy so far."Yes..these dmt meds are all far too oblique in targeting disease process resulting in therapeautic lag of 2-4 years..yes years. Ifthey don't work the first time on the legs it seems doubtful theywill do much better on the shorter length hands in a second go round.If they did save hands in progressive ms someone in clinical practiceshould have discovered this by now because there are no prescription limitations for people on u.s. govt. disability.

    1. Unless you do a properly designed trial to specifically look at this, you will never know for certain.

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