Invitation to Future-proofing Healthcare: NeuroSense

I have been invited to speak this Thursday evening at a meeting in London. There are still free places if you want to attend. As usual, I will post my slides online.

People continue to be intrigued by the mysteries of the brain, but many areas of neuroscience remain unexplained. Will we ever be truly able to solve these puzzles? What does the future of neuroscience look like? Which innovations will improve daily life for people living with neurological conditions? Will big data and better brain measurement lead to improved outcomes?

Future-proofing Healthcare: NeuroSense, the second in a series of non-promotional events exploring the answers to these questions, following the launch of the series in November 2017.

To view the full agenda and to book your place, please register here by Monday 2 April as places are limited.

What can I expect if I attend?

Experts, innovators and professors from across the neuroscience space will discuss advances in understanding neurological conditions, the role of technological innovations in improving the lifestyle of people with these conditions and what we can expect from the field of neuroscience.

Speakers include Dr David Reynolds from Alzheimer’s Research UK; Professor Gavin Giovannoni, Chair of Neurology at Barts Health; Neuroscientist & BBC presenter Dr Jack Lewis; innovative University of West England student & founder of Walk to Beat Neha Chaudhry; and leading British neurosurgeon and top-selling author, Henry Marsh. The event will be facilitated by Top 100 UK Scientist Dr Hannah Critchlow.

There will also be the opportunity to view an array of fascinating cutting-edge developments in our exhibition, including: VR experiences that simulates some symptoms of MS and dementia, robotic inventions from cats to walking sticks designed to support individuals living with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, human-centred activity products and games to help people lead active lives, and interactive EEG experiences looking at brain activity through gaming and art.

What & Where?

The event will take place 6:30-9:45pm on Thursday 5 April at Studio Spaces, Warehouse Studio, Unit 2 110 Pennington Street, St Katharines & Wapping, London, E1W 2BB.

Refreshments will be provided as part of the meeting.

For information and to register please click here.

Please note that this event is being sponsored by Roche. 

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  1. Registration closed yesterday the 2nd April. Nevermind, if you can please fill us in with how it went.

  2. On another note … what as happened with the Geneuro announcement last re re. GNb-AC1?

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