Guest post: digital services for MSers

As we all are aware, there is an increasing number of organisations developing and providing digital services to help make life easier for people with MS.

Salford Royal has partnered with and Clever Together, a Healthcare Advisory Group, to understand the value of digital services from the viewpoint of people with MS.

Clever Together are specialists in involving people in the process. Using Clever Together’s online workshop software, the plan is to host a discussion for two weeks from Monday 12th November to understand the value of digital services from the viewpoint of MSers.

The insight is expected to broadly focus on exploring the following ‘exam questions’:

  1. What is the state of the art when it comes to digital support for MS patients, as determined by them?
  2. How do people with MS currently use digital to manage their MS?
  3. How would people with MS like to use digital support in the future?
  4. What are the barriers / potential enablers?
  5. What value do people with MS place on information received from different sources? (e.g. from healthcare providers, charities and the experience of other people with MS)
  6. In what format and through what channels do people with MS prefer to receive information? (e.g. written, printed, video, audio)

We note that these are not necessarily the questions that we will ask directly, but rather the questions to drive the development of the engagement within the online workshop and its subsequent analyses.

Please join the discussion via the following URL: 

Thank you

George Pepper


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