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I have been taken to task and chastised for neglecting the blog and my patients. I realise that the blog is part of our #ThinkSocial campaign. To help understand the need for social prescribing I would appreciate it if you could please complete the following survey. 

Thank you. 

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  1. Stop this social rubbish! This is just a method on how to deal with the fact that you don't know WHAT causes MS and how to deal with the symptoms. It is highly subjective and of no help at all. Better put those resources into research.

    1. Somebody just posted this comment via the survey. Social Medicine and Prescribing is a hot topic and here to stay. It is about giving pwMS coping mechanisms to deal with having MS. It is just another form of service provision and needs its own evidence base to support its adoption. The fact that is 'social' and soft and fluffy doesn't make it less deserving or research.

    2. Couldn't agree with you more ProfG. Having MS and sitting and waiting for a cure or exist in a perpetual state of distress that there is no cure and limited capacity to address the symptoms can only add to the agony of having this disease. As a PwMS I'd wish on everyone with it the best of whatever assists them in whatever beneficial form it takes: family, friends, support groups, online chat, exercise, whatever. Please do pursue this agenda – it's worthy of attention!

  2. Self help and carrying on with normal life as far as possible, which means getting involved in things, is vital to avoid descending into a spiral of self pitying gloom.

  3. A lot of HCP’s now use parkrun in their social prescribing. Parkrun and the Royal Institute of GPs launched a combined initiative earlier this year with close to 500 GP practices in the U.K. having signed up to “prescribe” parkrun as part of a heathy lifestyle. For those that can walk/ jog/ run the 5km distance this is a brilliant way of doing that. For others, the social aspects of parkrun through the local community volunteer teams can help with issues such as loneliness and depression. Parkrun has an outreach programme to help people with longer term health conditions and disabilities find out about parkrun and use it as a platform to improve wellbeing. There is a Facebook group specifically for parkrunners with MS (there are over 879 registered parkrunners in the U.K. with MS). This Saturday the MS Trust are taking over Letchworth parkrun to help further raise awareness in our community. It should be a great event!

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