6 thoughts on “Am I eligble for medicinal cannabis?”

  1. So, reading between the lines and confirmed by newspaper reports, despite a change of heart by government, there is no way currently pwMS will manage to get access to medicinal cannabis and as one of the team that has researched on this over two decades, I find it hugely frustrating. The reasons are of course numerous.

  2. Well, I managed to get it prescribed from my GP. I explained how my anti-spsticity meds (baclofen, tazanidine) were not having an effect and my walking was dire, and I wanted to try sativex (oral canabis spray) before I was not able to walk as a last resort. I left the appointment with a prescription which I took to the pharmacy. A week later I collected it as it takes time to get in.

    I got 3 vials of Sativex with instructions. I used it as prescribed, and reduced other medicines. The muscle relxant aspect was good, but it made me drowsy, despite building it up slowly and using it as per the instructions. I did a repeat when the first 3 vials were empty (about 90-doses per vial). After about 6 weeks I decided it was not working for me – dulling my thinking and kept on causing stomach problems. I’ve now stopped this – tried it – is just not for me (Sorry MD – I’m not a fan of this medicine). Maybe it will suit other pwMS more than it did me. I’m now back on baclofen and tizanidine, which still don’t work, but my conclusion was that this is better than Sativex for me. My walking is now almost non-existant due to spasticity, so botox next and then when that fails, wheelchair full time.

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    Curious – is it known percent of MS patients go to black market for cannabis in your country?

    1. It depends on how advanced their MS is. 20+ years ago we screened the urine samples of a group of pwSPMS and found that just shy of 30% had cannabis metabolites in their urine. I suspect the figure will be lower than this for early RRMS when people have less symptomatic problems.

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