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  1. “HERV-W is a therapeutic target for re-myelination therapies.”

    I would love to hear that one 🙂

      1. Does this not fit in with some of Prof G’s thinking on MS pathology, something going on within the brain? And how the immune system responds once Natalizumab is ceased?

    1. I doubt consciously; the problem with cognitive biases they are usually unconscious. I have made the same mistake when arranging our first MS@theLimits and MS Variance meeting. You have to step back and ask yourself the question about gender balance. I will pass your observation on to the Debating Society organisers so they don’t make the mistake again.

      1. Can I suggest including a woman on the organising committee? Maybe DrRuth?

      2. “You have to step back and ask yourself the question about gender balance.”
        Hmm..maybe you need to step back and consider that maybe some women are not as accomplished in research for a variety of reasons..few having to do with discrimination…and whether you are more dedicated to social justice concerns
        as opposed to breaking new scientific ground.
        No..shame in the late career switch if one is so inclined as one’s interests change.
        “Instead, they maintained that the plaque largely resulted from the disease, and that the deterioration of brain function actually originated from the variation of a single gene.”
        “In 2009, after financing his research with a loan of almost $500,000 on his house, Dr. Roses and his team identified a second gene that they said could help predict whether the cognitive ability of an older person, generally between 65 and 83, would decline within about five years of acquiring Alzheimer’s.”

    1. Thanks. I will pass on the message. All I have to do now is hop on an aeroplane and travel 11 hours to Johannesburg 😉

  2. Happy to see if that they got DrK to argue against putting people on a biosimilar…as a champion for cladribine, the question may have played into his hands.

    The answer is simple, generic cladribine is not a biosimilar it is a bio-identical, so he was being asked if he would he be against putting someone on Brabio (Biosimilar) verses Copaxone (In fact each batch of Copaxone is a biosimilar as they not identical as it is a random copolymer)…I suspect absolutely easy response, as a responsible MS clinician, I suspect he should say he would not bother with either and put people on a highly effective treatment and save brain instead:-)

    However, I would say if the choice is licenced cladribine verse generic cladribine, if the person is eligible for a licenced treatment then they should have it. We are not gate keepers of the purse strings and likewise the PwMS chooses. If the generic approach is safer as the dosing is more personalised then one may have a think and then do a proper scieintific study.

    The use of generic cladribine was an option for people who had no choice. The planned #ChariotMS trial of generic clad is now going to use clad tablets and we are very happy to do this. It means it is more convenience to the participants, as they do not have to come in to get injected. If it helps the study get off the ground, which I am sure it has then I’m all for it.

    CoI Multiple.

    P.S. I heard that DrK won

  3. Why the picture of those [will spare the adjectives] politicians? Unbearable. Can’t escape them.

      1. More a danger of throwing up over my smartphone. It’s meant to be waterproof, but I don’t want to test it.

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