Paediatric-onset MS

As you are aware approximately 3% of people with multiple sclerosis develop their first symptoms in childhood and adolescence. As the incidence and prevalence of MS are increasing we are seeing more children and adolescents with the disease. Why?

Relative to MS in adults, most neurologists and other healthcare professionals are unfamiliar with the diagnostic evaluation, clinical course, outcome, and management of MS in children.

To remedy some of these deficiencies we are running a dedicated meeting on Paediatric MS on Tuesday 11th, June 2019. We have an exciting programme of international speakers. As with all meetings you don’t necessarily have to watch them live, but can log-in after the event and watch the content in your own time. You can also ask questions, which the speakers will respond to for up to 4 weeks after the event.

Don’t forget to register and please forward the invitation to your colleagues.

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10 thoughts on “Paediatric-onset MS”

  1. I think I had ms since a you age although I was diagnosed when I was 59. I remember having odd symptoms between 10 and 15 years. Then when I started training with weights nothing happened till I was 45. Is it possible for MS to go into remission for 30muears after onset in childhood?

    1. HCPs only, when you log-in you there is a disclaimer to complete. We don’t check your credentials but rely on people being honest.

      1. In other words anyone can register and participate then. Thank you.

  2. Is there any research regarding child onset MS and ebv infection? I read somewhere that MS is lower in the developing world is lower as children are infected with ebv at a younger age. Why would children in the developed world get MS if they got ebv at a young age (based on the theory that ebv infection causes MS in some people)?

    I see that Epstein (the e of ebv) is still alive. Was in the Times birthday list a couple of weeks ago – I think 98 years old.

    As much Individuals who know what they speak are referring to so called Multiple Scleruosis as a slow stroke!
    What Causes a Stroke? #CCSVI

    1. I think we have been here before and I am afraid to say, it went no-where and wasted millions of dollars in Italy and particulalrly Canada. #CCSVI = not much substance to the concept i am afraid to say

    2. What you feel or you know is no proof of truth. Where is the evidence. It is not in the literature.

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